About Us

Hi, we're the Offbeat Family! We run this little family-owned Aussie business with love from our home office.
Here’s a snapshot of who we are:
  • We are a little family consisting of a mum, a dad, a delightful kidlet and an adorable toddler! We live on Dharawal country in the beautiful Illawarra region of NSW, Australia.
  • Shell (AKA Mum) is a shoe enthusiast who is little bit obsessed with dinosaurs, and loves all things rainbow, retro, vintage and quirky! She is the main brains behind the business, and does most of the designing, customer service, and all the behind-the-scenes business stuff! She is the person you'll most likely talk to if you contact us (except when she's busy doing the baby stuff - in which case you'll talk to her trusty offsider, Kat). 
  • El (AKA Dad) is an awesome musician, song-writer, drum teacher and disability worker. He sometimes helps out with running markets and some of the artsy stuff!
  • Offbeat Sweetie began as a hobby back in 2020. After having trouble finding fun shoes in the shops, Shell decided she would just design a few pairs herself! What started as a bit of fun quickly turned into something more as we realised that there were so many people out there who could not find fun footwear in their sizes. We knew we could offer more inclusive sizes and wanted to do our part to brighten up the world two feet at a time, and so Offbeat Sweetie was born!
  • Thanks to all of our amazing customers, our little passion project has grown into a thriving business that we are very proud of, and with your support we hope we can continue to brighten up people's feet for years to come!

Image of business owner Shell