About Us

Hi, we're the Offbeat Family! We run this little family-owned Aussie business with love from our home office.
Here’s a snapshot of who we are:
  • We are a little family consisting of a mum, a dad and a delightful kidlet. We live in the beautiful Illawarra region of NSW, Australia.
  • We are music enthusiasts, lefties and animal lovers.
  • We are advocates for human rights and equality.
  • El, AKA Dad, is an awesome musician, song-writer, drum teacher and disability worker.
  • Shell, AKA Mum, is a little bit obsessed with dinosaurs and loves all things retro, pinup, vintage and quirky!
  • We started this business for a few reasons. Initially we got the idea after discovering that finding interesting shoes in the shops was difficult, and finding ones that were not made in a sweatshop was even harder! We wanted to do our part to make the world a better place for our child to grow up in, and we decided that a good start is to give people better options than icky sweatshop stuff made in disastrous conditions. 
  • Thanks to all of our amazing customers, our little passion project has grown into a business that we are very proud of, and with your support we hope we can continue to brighten up people's feet for years to come!